on top of the world is
a concept
a vision
a result of looking at things differently

an alternate way of relating to the rest of the world

a uniquely Cape Town point of view
an exhibition
an art happening

The traditional view of the world map is a given. Africa in the centre surrounded by the other six continents. But lets turn things upside down for a moment. Invert the map and the result is something fun, interesting and quite irresistible. Cape Town is at the top centre. Cape Town is literally on top of the world!
on top of the world is a celebration of Cape Town: our unique, multi-cultural, incredibly beautiful, ever-changing, yet always familiar Mother City. It’s a way to express the energy that is Cape Town as we prepare to host the world for what is arguably its biggest and most captivating global spectacle – The World Cup.


Through a series of art happenings and exhibitions, on top of the world aims to contribute to Cape Town’s cultural identity with a message that’s unapologetically positive and 2010 has given us the perfect context within which to launch. We encouraged Cape Town’s creative community to participate in a collective art project to showcase their creativity and their personal interpretation of the Cape Town on top of the world theme and how it relates to our city and the new stadium. The wide range of work and impressions that were submitted is testament to the cross-section of artists who felt inspired to make their contribution. And hosting the first on top of the world event at the Green Point Stadium Visitor Centre has provided the ultimate symbolic venue set against the backdrop of the brand new site. We’ve also created a platform for artists to market their work either as individual art pieces or concepts that could roll out as merchandising opportunities like our iconic ‘upside down’ maps that are a definite feature of this exhibition.

Thank you to all our contributors, collaborators and supporters

For enquiries email: capetown@ontopoftheworld.co.za